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 "...A book of verses.. A jug of wine...- and  Thou beside me singing..."

...These, in the immortal words of the great poet and polymath Omar Khayyam, are the raisons d'être of this  modest niche on today's WorldWideWeb.

To take this beyond literalism, fast forward now to the 21st century. Today's Omar will probably  be interested in not just a book of verses, but also in books on many topics ranging from fine arts, literature, physics and metaphysics to science and  technology, computers, internet, popular media, and so on; and he will most likely use a portable ebook reader or some  similar device for browsing.

The convenient percept 'a jug of wine' gives today's Omar a chance to enjoy his epicurean interests especially if he is an oenophile, belongs to a wine club, or is a connoisseur with a refined taste for vintage Champagnes, that rare old single malt Scotch, or perhaps a fine XO Cognac. Endless choices, all available online, only a few clicks away!

But there would be no "paradise enow" for Omar without his beloved singing in that wilderness! Today's Omar would probably invoke a Renée Fleming or a Mariah Carey for his muse, and failing that, there's always the online access to chase the dream.

the online niche

This is a minimalist compilation, with the avowed goal of providing hopefully interesting snippets of information, relevant comments, reviews, recommendations and product links. The sub-sections are :

Deals with the counterpoint of seemingly disparate art streams. For example, the affinity between the music of Schubert and the works of Samuel Beckett is unusual but not entirely surprising. But Tuva or Bust will amaze most people not familiar with the life and the adventures of the quantum physicist Richard Feynman.

This is a sub-site of Artbeat featuring original poems by unknown or little-known poets of our time.

The title is self-explanatory. Whether one is interested only in fiction and bestsellers, or seeking rare books or hard to find books, used books, or discount books, or even the newest electronic ebooks and handheld readers, a suitable link or a pointer can always be found.

Music plus
The scope is rather ambitious focusing primarily on popular music from hip-hop or rock to new age music or meditation music, plus guide to music lessons, sheet music, and a separate section on   musical instruments & accessories aimed at  both the hobbyists and the pros. The idealistic goal of music without borders is to cross the borders dividing world music in different genres based on geography, ethnicity, language, cultural discrimination and just plain snobbery. Admittedly a long order; only time will tell.

Classical music online
A tiny niche within a niche, this section is aimed at a miniscule minority of passionate outsiders, devoted followers of music from ancient, baroque and classical to post-romantic and modern periods, covering not just Bach, Beethoven, Mozart or Schubert, but extending to Moneverdi and Hildegard on one end, and to Stravinsky, Berg, Britten, Bernstein, Eliott Carter et al, at the other. A Musical Offering is our homage to them all.