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It's more about fusion out of the seeming confusion. Don't miss a single beat but revel in the glorious syncopation and juxtaposition of different strands of arts, performing arts, fine arts, poetry, cinema and even advanced science. Yes, don't miss your artbeat when confronted with one of our great Nobel Laureate physicists happily drumming away on the bongo in the Brazilian backwoods. Or how about the hero of the hackneyed old TV series invoking Heraclitus?
It's all in the artbeat of things, things that defy easy categorization and point to the  unexpected congruity of the disparate. This is not an update of happenings, nor a blog, more of a testament to gestalt in human artistic achievements.

Point Counterpoint

It may arguably be a rather naĩve premise but one cannot overlook the counterpoint of poetry and Quantum physics in a passage from T.S.Eliot's Four Quartets and Werner Heisenberg's Uncertainty principle, according to which it is impossible to determine accurately both the energy and time, or both the position and momentum, or of any such conjugate system even in an ideal situation, because the very act of determination destroys the accuracy  of the result. Eliot wrote...

We had the experience but missed the meaning,
And approach to the meaning restores the experience 
In a different form, beyond any meaning 
We can assign...

Critics and scholars appear to have been too busy with Eliot's religious agendas or their  metaphysical underpinnings to pay much attention to this viewpoint. Eliot seems to have gone further than Heisenberg in his generalization, but the manifest  similarity is uncanny. 

Theory of Acoustics defines beats as the result of interferance of two different waves vibrating in close proximity, thus  producing a unique effect, a resultant aural sensation quite  distinct from either of the original ones. Analogous interactions can and do often happen in the realms of arts. That's the whole point 
artbeat : the pulse of the artistic impulse!



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