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Books of the recent years

Notable and highly recommended books, mostly from the last year and some from the previous years' critics' choice and best sellers list, this is only a sample pick from the 'Best Books' categories in the New York Times, Publishers weekly, Amazon.com customer reviews and similar sources. This is a very small niche for certain bookworms, and does not attempt  a comprehensive critical review nor target the the ephemeral blockbusters.

The selections are divided into 2 categories:


Some of the titles/authors are well-known and well-acclaimed. Notable among the authors are the post-moderninst Orhan Pamuk who won the Nobel Prize in 2006, and the English novelist Alan Hollinghurst whose The Line of Beauty  won the 2004 Booker Prize.  In the true-life novel Half Broke Horses, a chapter of America's frontier past is re-animated  by Jeannette Walls in her inimitable style which will be recognized by all her readers.



Easier to pick in terms of numerosity but more difficult in the germane complexities of critical dimensions, this list might not always appeal to the popular perception.Nevertheless there is always something to appeal to every discriminating reader. In The Age of Wonder, Richard Holmes almost recreates the second renaissance in England some 200 years ago when scientists and inventors like William Herschel, Humphry Davy and Joseph Banks found their  Kindred spirits among the literary giants like Coleridge, Keats, Byron and the Shelleys. In the metiiculously produced and researched biography  Raymond Carver: A Writer's Life, Carol Sklenicka presents a sympathetic yet honest account of one of the major American writers of the late 20th century. The list goes on.

More detailed information and reviews of the items listed above, plus any other items, can easily  be accessed via the hyperlinks provided with any selected item. Happy reading.