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A Cupboard full of Ghosts : Dalu

Another poem from Dalu, again dealing with the transience of the ephemera of life with all the mistakes and regrets as seen from the rear view mirror of time. less personal and more resigned perhaps, but touching nonetheless..

                                    A Cupboard full of Ghosts

There live a number of ghosts in my cupboard
Some are friendly, others are not,
They keep me company in a strange way,
In them I find a solace of a sort.

One reminds me of good time
I enjoyed once a long ago,
The other is angry for ever with gnashing teeth,
And blazing eyes to show.

One that is clearly close to me
Tries to cheer me up for ever,
It sings praises of my strength and goodness,
It offers me the joy and laughter.

One is so fearful and timid
It rarely commuinicates,
Being battered and beaten by life,
It only carries pain and distress.

I am still waitig for the one
That will bring me tranquil calm,
It may offer me the nectar of peace,
The harmony to smile after the storm.

What will happen to my ghosts, I wonder
For those I've come to care,
Do they die again with me in the end?
Do they disappear in the thin air?

                                                       - Dalu  October 2007.

The above is part of an occassional posting of original poems by Dalu or other poets.
More to  follow.

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