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Love : Dalu

A seemingly old fashioned poem from Dalu, again dealing with the transience of the ephemera of life, focusing on the perennial bitter sweet topic of multi-faceted Love.


Are you just a word or fantasy
Invented for poetic reasons,
An aid to creative arts,
The light of life, for all seasons?

You wear a veil of mystery,
Covering yourself with a dark shtoud,
You travel with the ageless time,
Leaving behind the pain and doubt.

You remain unseen, untouched,
Illusion is your second name,
The bewildered soul sad and tortured,
Knows not your real game.

Alas! You're so elegantly cruel,
You trap and create confusion
Mistress of agony and torment,
You ride the chariot of passion!.

You lay the foundation of guilt,
You provoke, cheat and kill,
Man dies a thousand deaths each moment
Merely carrying on at your will.

The harbinger of peace and calm,
You offer trust , the eternal hope,
A broken heart finds reasons to live,
To smile, to dream again and to cope.

You instil the joy of pain,
The bond between a mother and child,
You put the smile on a disheartened face,
You tame the heart, the heart that’s wild.

I am overwhelmed with your beauty,
You, the awesome, wonderful spirit,
I yearn to be in your divine embrace,
Hold me, cherish me, make me complete.

                                                      - Dalu  November 2008.

The above is part of an occassional posting of original poems by Dalu or other poets.
More to  follow.

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