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Peace : Dalu

A rather conventional poem with careful prosodic features, it is the poet's attempt to reach beyond the humdrum existence towards an ideated timeless essence.


Divinity, the goddess of enigma,
Revered, worshipped and crowned
Adorned with ethereal beauty
You wait to be attained and found.

With the setting sun in the dusky sky
Birds returning to their nests,
You welcome them with open arms,
nurturing them with quietness and rest.

Widely talked about, you are
Much searched and researched,
The infinite illusion of life,
You are rarely felt, seldom heard.

The gentle warmth of the early sun,
The ray of beauty in the floating clouds,
The first raindrop in the long, hot summer,
The clear blue sky  rid of dark grey shrouds.

The tender beauty of spring blossoms,
The heavenly melody of a mountain stream,
Scent of a rose, colours of autumn,
The softness of snow, a child’s dream.

A mother’s joy with her new born in arms
The freshness of a baby, sublime,
The blissful smile of a child,
entwined with the ageless time.

Swaying rhythm of the gentle breeze,
The passion of a singing lark,
Freshness of waves in the blue sea,
The shimmering moonlight in the dark

Hidden behind the sound of silence,
You are the innocence of a cooing dove,
The quiet mentor of a broken heart,
You are the awe in eternal love.

Yet you are there, eagerly waiting,
To cherish life, to be a loving friend,
You are the calm in universal goodness,
The tranquil shelter at a journey’s end.

                                                 ......  Dalu  2009-06-06.

The above is part of an occassional posting of original poems by Dalu or other poets.
More to  follow.

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