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The epicurean spirits encompass the excitements of today along with  the rare crative energies of the nineteenth century artists, notably and notoriously in Paris.
There is an incredible range of choices on the internet. Our featured vendor is an acclaimed european vintner with an extensive network, covering a spectrum of choices from rare single malt Scotch or  XO Bas-Armagnac to more familiar brands. Check this out.
Oh, and the Parisian artists? That's a different story - the stuff that legends are made of.
Interested? Read on.

Temptation of Absinthe

The Legend the Allure the Temptation...

are all enshrined in Absinthe - the magic spirit, the king of drinks, the inspiration of artists, writers and intellectuals from all over the worlds. Although Absinthe in some form or another existed for centuries, essentially as wine soaked in wormwood for some medicinal or ritual purposes, the modern version first originated in Switzerland in early nineteenth century, was adopted by the impressionists and other groups of creative artists in and around Montmarte and Moulin Rouge in Paris, and soon became the de facto muse of the intelligentsia not only in Paris but beyond France and Europe. Toulouse-Lautrec and Van Gogh gave Absinthe its mystery and notoriety which attracted more converts. Notable converts since then have included Oscar Wilde, Picasso, Edgar Allen Poe and  Ernest Hemingway.
The notoriery and inevitable abuse of Absinthe led to health risk, madness and even death.  The main culprit for this is Thujone (a constituent of wormwood) : the same stuff that made the artists clear headed and inspired, also caused poisoning or death of the abusers, and   eventually prompted  most countries, including Switzerland and the United States, to ban Absinthe.
Time and business practices have changed since then. Almost all Absinthes sold now-a-days have low enough thujone to be considered safe. Absinthe is legal now in the USA and in most other countries.
Absinth King of Spirits - This is the absinthe Picasso and Hemmingway acclaimed. Made with herbs and wormwood, natural in color.

Zèle Premium Absinthe : This is the more potent version, with higher alcohol content as well as herb of high degree of purity and concentration. For experienced connoisseur. 

Lisse AbsintheX Containing 30% alcohol, Lisse is a tamer version of Zèle but still offers a hint of mint flavor with every sip. : This is a combo pack and also more expernsive. If you want only this in a single bottle, click the link on the side bar submenu under New Products.

Now for something completely different; have you ever heard of or tried
Cannabis Vodka ?
No matter, here's a tip.  While you are on any of the above linked pages, click on the cannabis vodka link there (it's on the sidebar under 'Czech Absinthe' section). Cannabis Vodka is perfectly legal, while at the same time it has an undertone of mystery and cool, and is the 'in vogue'  drink around the world except  perhaps in Australia where it is not legal.

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