Music plus: or Music minus ... ?

It's really about music minus the detritus of our hangups and prejudices, minus the artificial barriers, divisions and snobbery, minus the contionual commercial compromimises.
Music plus : a  microcosm of all things musical - covering popular music, jazz, rock, new age and international genres; from classic and vintage recordings to mp3 or  some other  streaming media; musical instruments and acessories; sheet music; and e-books, on a modest scale and in an unassuming way.
It's all about music without borders

... ever wondered about music in our life?

Without getting into  SNL-like 'deep thoughts', one could try Oliver Sacks's :  
Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain, Revised & Extended
for clues to the hows and whys of our musical feelings. Deals with all the neurological aspects of music and its healing powers, often from a penumbral perspective.  

Or, browse the vast online music troves..

Download Dance music perhaps? Vintage 468x60

For a narrower focus, we have A Musical Offering devoted mainly to classical music. But here on this site is as it were a wide-angled snapshot, covering  all genres. 

Get sheet music for all genres; check out the next sidebar, or on other pages of this site.

Need help with the techniques?  In today's popular music culture nothing  
beats The Hip Hop Beats in practical usefulness and appeal.

There are the techniques and then there are the technologies.
The technological aspects of music making and musical experience have grown into a huge subject, and even to outline that would need a whole chapter if not an entire site.  We have culled the selection, for instance -

In the end, the raison d'être of music is in listening and experiencing the unique sensations of music, available pre-recorded in all formats and media, from the pre-vinyl discs  to mp3 downlods. Whether to buy or try it's easy online.

So, if music be your love, click on!

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