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Producing Music

There are numerous specialist dealers and experts on music production software and gadgets; not all are aimed at the non-specialists. but there are exceptions.

Musical Instruments & Accessories

Serious musicians are and have always been pursuers of perfection in making and recording of music. The instruments and accessories to help in that pursuit have in the recent years evolved beyond recognition. There is a vast array of these to dazzle anybody; may be this site will give you some helpful guidance  and tips.

Serious need not mean just professionals; there are many devoted amateurs who can be just as rigorous if not more. And then there are the weekenders and hobbyists who are  driven by curiosity and interest.

The  Music Producer Pro  is geared towards people who would ike to learn the ropes and  tweak the gadgets.  Hands-on enthusiasts can download and try Sonic Producer : Music Production software  for learning more about sequencing in music production.
Practicing musicians will find  The Utimate Metronome very useful, while the  Home Recording Studio Guide  is just that!

Professional musicians, or wannabees, would probably know  of or be familiar with the tools of the trade listed below; this is only a tiny but typical selection from the huge inventories online. The links are self-explanatory and  need  no qualifying explanation, and all can be deep-linked to the inventories' databases.

Audio-Technica ATH-M30 Professional Headphones

Casio SA-75 Keyboard with Headset Microphone 

Fender Starcaster Strat Pack Electric Guitar with Amp and Accessories - Black

Takamine S35 Jasmine Acoustic Guitar (Natural)

Yamaha Gigmaker Deluxe Acoustic Guitar Package

Oscar Schmidt OU2 Concert Ukulele

Yamaha YPT-320 61 Key Personal Keyboard with AC Adapter &c. plus DeLuxe Keyboard stand & Professional Headphones  

Fender Starcaster TT-1 Electronic Table-Top Drum Kit 

Finally, some special bargain blowouts especially for the high-end professional musicians and recording artists who will appreciate these.

zZounds Left-Handed Bass Pack with Dean Edge E09L

zZounds Multitrack Accessory Package

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