Classical Music Online

ImageClassical music, arguably still  an orphan on the WorldWideWeb, is gradually gaining acceptance and recognition,  plus even a  surprisingly interesting  and interested  following. But this inverted snobbery is really typical of the English-speaking nations. In Italy, France or any other european or even asian  countries,  it's not really a  big deal to hammner out  a  popular barcarolle or even a Bach fugue on the piano, or to hum a Puccini aria. But  with us, it's different and unnatural; here people go to music apprciation classes! But  don't go much beyond the Nutcracker Suite.
No wonder  we once used to be called  Das Land ohne Musik , literally 'the land without music'  ( although this was really an  attack on  England, but there are some differnces in interpretation, with some applying this to be aimed at the Irish, or to the colonies , but a general consensus is that it was primarily aimed at the English-speaking nations).

The forced distinction implied in 'classical music' is rather unfortunate; in most other languages it's just 'music', the qualification 'classical' is used  to refer to the period or the school or the style, for instance to apply this to the music of  Haydn,  Mozart or early Beethoven, as opposed to that  of, say, Hildegard von Bingen  or Claudio Monteverdi, or to  Bernstein or Gershwin.  Classical music is not a museum piece, it's today's music, very much alive and kicking!   Just consider, the last  compositions of John Lennon or even Michael Jackson antedate those of Elliott Carter or George Crumb!  But nobody would  count  the first group as classical musicians.

But rather than dwelling on the theories and definitions, it's better to revert to the raison d'être of music : sound of music and the listening experience. So, we present on this site  different articles, news items, references, pointers and links, with subsequent updates, additions and auditions.